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grimy heights

press release

Website Launch Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 11am

The setting is a crumbling gothic tower on Hove seafront, it's only distinguishing feature being two gargoyles gurning mockingly at the sky. Strange things have been happening in the dark damp world of Grimy Heights. Press the buzzers and meet the residents if you dare. 

The Alchemist is stealing people's memories and bottling them in the basement… Will love bloom between immortal pop star Jeremiah and the mysterious Elvira Tulpenstängel?… Brexiteer Ted is about to find out just what's in ‘Mad’ Mary's pram… Meanwhile a series of unexplained disappearances goes on, and self-appointed spiritual guardian Cynthia Church is doing an awful lot of cleaning. 

Guided by tutor Ottilie Hainsworth the group worked on weekly Zoom sessions. We worked through pandemic induced anxiety and a sense of creative deadlock, gradually becoming more and more involved in the world we were creating together and engaging with each other's characters as if they were real. This process of playful imagination allowed the group to connect with each other, fostering a sense of purpose and wellbeing during a time of isolation. We are excited to share Grimy Heights the online graphic novel with the world and hope that it will continue to inspire us and others.

Graphic Novels Real Life Stories, 2020

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