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Flat for Rent

Perhaps you have passed it before?


It’s on the border between Brighton and Hove. A gaunt gothic brick slither with a neglected air sandwiched between two paler buildings. Most likely you did not notice it, it’s only distinguishing feature being two gargoyles, gurning mockingly at the sky. 

Anyway what possible reason would you have had to stop by there?


Perhaps you had heard through a friend of a friend, one Jeremiah Parchment, whose band had been playing in your local pub, that there was a flat for rent, cheap. And being in need, that is, somewhat down on your luck, you now find yourself approaching Grimy Heights. A tentative smile to the youngish mother endlessly pushing an old fashioned pram up and down in front of the place turns puzzlingly vacant blue eyes your way. The smile freezes and drops off. 

Then you’re on the doorstep, one trembling finger upon the buzzer of a Mrs Cynthia Church. 

“Come in dear, mind how you go on the floor, it’s freshly polished. I do keep a nice clean house. What’s that smell? That’ll be Mr Zarrengu’s dog meat, no doubt.” 

Mrs Church will sit you down in front of her gas fire and offer you a slice of her cake, homemade. Then she will tell you all about the goings on of the residents of Grimme/Grimy Heights.

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