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The Artists


Angela and Prudence

created by Judith Biddlestone

Following a career in nursing, Judith’s passionate emergence into the graphic world may have come late, but she’s optimistic that there will be many more productive collaborations in the future.


The Alchemist

created by Yvonne J Foster

Artist, designer and storyteller. 

Currently absorbed in the exploration of capturing and cataloging lost and stolen memories.


Bethany Bombastique

created by Anni Axworthy

Anni is a mixed media artist and immature student at Brighton Uni.          


Callum McGee

created by Benjamin Heroys

Benjamin Heroys is a self-taught graphic novel writer and illustrator with High Functioning Autism. He wants to earn a living making and sharing his stories with the world. Ben is currently working as a Digital Practitioner with Phoenix Gallery and Rocket Artists, Brighton.


Cynthia Church

created by Dianne Heddy

Dianne was born and brought up in the Midlands. Aged 19 she came south. She is married with 2 children, and has been doing art and crafts for 7 decades.    


Elvira Tulpenstängel

created by Xenia K Dieroff

Jacqueline of all trades. Artist in a previous life, in recent years she has retrained and works with Sound as a therapeutic tool.

This project has allowed her to reconnect with her love of drawing, keeping her sane and focussed on something fun during lockdown.


Although Elvira is unlikely to post herself on instagram, her life might be followed on


Fifi Patrice

created by Jan Mulreany

After gaining an Art O level in 1966, Jan’s foray into "becoming an Artist” continued in 2016 with GNRLS and an Art Foundation course in Brighton. She’s still contemplating a Graphic Novel about her family history…


Hermione Good

created by Lizi Storey

Over the years Lizi has made illustrated journals of events like her father’s death, and of humdrum daily life. She discovered on a trip to China that making drawings of people and places was a less invasive way of recording her travels which engaged local people‘s curiosity. Drawing her travels makes each picture meaningful to her in a way that photographs never have.


Jeremiah Parchment

created by Tania Suryabandara

Tania and her husband moved from London to Brighton 4 years ago. She is currently working on a graphic novel about Candida and the effects of sugar on our immune system.                


Louis Farthing

created by Florence Morley

After a French education, Florence Morley embarked on the Graphic novels Real Life stories course, whilst studying cinema at Brighton screen and film school. Inspired by film, photography, and fine arts, Florence will be starting on an Art Foundation at Brighton MET in September 2020.


'Mad' Mary

created by Philip Boardman

Philip lives between London and Brighton drawing every day.


Ted Grimsby

created by Nick Cannan

Nick lives on an old houseboat in Shoreham-by-Sea and, among other projects, is hoping to complete its graphic history before it sinks.


Theresse Verbose

created by Nigel Chaloner

Nigel Chaloner is a Brighton based film maker and has just had the short drama 'Alison' screened as part of Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2020.


Zarrenga Zarrengu

created by David Logan

David studied Contemporary Arts in Nottingham and has since worked across many creative forms. He teaches, mentors and learns from children, and loves the freedoms that Brighton life affords.

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